About the centre

The First Lady of Lithuania, Diana Nausėdienė, together with the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, have initiated the establishment of the Ukrainian Centre in order to create an open space for culture, education and community services for the Ukrainian community in Lithuania.

“I am very positive about the result of our active mutual cooperation with the First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska – the establishment of an international open Ukrainian educational and cultural centre in Lithuania. I am convinced that the project will be an excellent example of assistance to Ukraine and our bilateral cooperation. The confidence expressed on behalf of Ukraine is a strong recognition of the humanitarian efforts we have all made together towards Ukraine,” said D. Nausėdienė.

The Ukrainian Centre was established in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine, the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Lithuania and Vytautas Magnus University.

The Centre’s mission is to mobilise, empower and represent the interests of the Ukrainian community.

The aim of the Centre is to create an open cultural and educational space for the Ukrainian community, providing information about cultural, educational and other social opportunities in Vilnius and Lithuania, planning and organising events, activities and employment for children and all members of the Ukrainian community in Lithuania.

The long-term strategic objective is to create a centre-institute that will contribute to Ukraine’s preparations for EU membership through effective cooperation between Lithuania and Ukraine.

Functions of the Centre

  • To provide opportunities for Ukrainians who have resettled in Lithuania to interact with each other, organise cultural and educational events;
  • To promote and implement educational, cultural and other humanitarian initiatives for Ukrainian war refugees residing in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • To disseminate information about Ukraine and Ukrainians in Lithuania;
  • To present Ukrainian culture and art in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • To cooperate with international experts and professionals in various fields in order to strengthen the representation of the interests of the Ukrainian community in Lithuania and Ukraine’s cultural diplomacy in Lithuania and the European Union;
  • Contribute to Ukraine’s preparations for membership of the European Union;
  • To carry out other activities related to the purpose of the Centre, in accordance with the Statute of Vytautas Magnys University, the orders of the Rector and other decisions of the governing bodies of the University.

I hope that in the future the Ukrainian Centre will not only help to meet the most important needs of the Ukrainian community in our country, but will also contribute to the dissemination of information about Ukraine and Ukrainians in Lithuania, as well as to the dissemination of Ukrainian art and culture.

Ambassador Algirdas Kumža
Head of Ukrainian Centre

Algirdas Kumža graduated in law from Vilnius University. 1990-1992 – Member of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania (Restorative Seimas); signed the Act of Restoration of the Independent State of Lithuania. 2006-2008 Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to Ukraine.

He has written books. “Diary of an Expedition”, “Orange Novel” (about Ukraine), “Kuksando”. “The Book of the Road,” etc. He was awarded two medals for services to the diplomatic service of the Republic of Lithuania. Among the awards are the honorary sign “Star of Lithuanian Diplomacy”, two Ukrainian Orders “For Merit”. He was named Diplomat of the Year in Ukraine (2009).

Hobbies: mountaineering, literature, music, photography.

Centre Coordinator

Olesia Cholodova


+370 52 705946

The Centre opened its doors in the premises of the Academy of Education of Vytautas Magnus University in Vilnius, on the street named after Taras Shevchenko, a prominent Ukrainian poet and painter.